Male Full Body Leather Cock Ring Harness

Male Full Body Leather Cock Ring Harness
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  • Item #: HMFB

Empower yourself in this genuine heavy duty leather full body harness with adjustable snaps, buckles and 4 chrome steel rings, including cock ring. It's massively adorned in front with big chrome rings and heavy metal snaps, for bold gothic style. The leather fragance and kinky appeal will intoxicate both you and your partner.

Buckles in the rear and and an adjustable rear elastic center butt strap allow comfortable adjustment for most bodies from small to large, and leaves a smooth clean appearance in front. The waist strap has a maximum adjustment of 40". The snaps up front allow all the pieces to be removed from the rings, so you can experiment with alternate arrangement styles.

All 3 rings in front are easily removed and replaced with a different ring of your choice. For a customized fit, we highly recommend replacing the Cock Ring with one of our hefty Stainless Steel Wire Rings in your size. You might also want to replace the other 2 front rings as well.

  • One inch wide heavy, soft garment leather straps
  • Removeable/replaceable cock ring 1-3/4" ID
  • Five fully adjustable straps in the back
  • Sliding adjustment buckle on rear elastic strap







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Price $67.95