Basic Stainless Steel Rings

Our basic stainless steel rings have welded seams, hammered and smoothed out so there are no sharp edges. They aren't the perfect cock ring, but are great extras for the glovebox, locker, or wherever you might find yourself away from your favorites. You can also use them for changing up those old chrome rings on your leather harnesses or other gear. Or use them for size experimentation before investing in better quality rings.

We offer sizes for nearly any application. The one inch inside diameter is a popular size for glans head ring, so we offer it in the standard 1/8" thickness, plus 2 additional thicknesses (3/16" and 1/4"). The 1-1/4" size is a popular size for a shaft ring, and we have it in a thicker version also.

If you like the Wire style, our new SS Wire Rings are the ones to wear proudly, with a smile.


Basic Stainless Steel Rings
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